NOTE: The final, camera-ready version of accepted IASDS 2012 papers should be submitted using the following instructions: Cluster 2012 Author Kit

Workshop papers will be peer-reviewed and will appear as part of the IEEE Cluster 2012 proceedings. Submissions must follow the Cluster 2012 format:

Paper Format: Since the camera-ready version of accepted papers must be compliant with the IEEE Xplore format for publication, submitted papers must comform to the following Xplore layout, page limit, and font size. This will insure a size consistency and a uniform layout for the reviewers. (With minimal changes, accepted document can be styled for publication according to Xplore requirements explained in the Xplore formatting guide, which is also in Xplore format).

  • PDF files only.
  • Maximum 9 pages
  • Single-spaced
  • 2-column numbered pages in IEEE Xplore format (8.5×11-inch paper, margins in inches– top: 0.75, bottom: 1.0, sides:0.625, and between columns:0.25, main text: 10pt ).
    • Format instructions for 8.5″x11″: PDF(info)
    • LaTeX and Word Templates: Latex(info)Word(info)

Please make all submissions through the IASDS12 Easychair system.  Contact Phil Carns (carns at mcs dot anl dot gov) or Osamu Tatebe (tatebe at cs dot tsukuba dot ac dot jp) if you have any problems.