Request a Laptop Build

Fill out the form below to request a computer build/rebuild.

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Office/Workspace Number:
Location should be in the form of either "2139" for an office number or 2.A.19 for an "open workspace".
Enter the division where the computer will be used.
Computer's CSI Number:
Enter the computer's CSI number.
Primary User Type:

Select the type of user who is going to use the computer.

- New user - A new user who already has a MCS account whom the computer is going to be given to.

- Loaner - A computer that requires a generic log in.

- Temp - The computer is going to be repurposed and given to someone temporarily

Primary User Name:
Enter the name of the primary user of the computer, leave blank if the computer will be used as a loaner or requires a generic user account.
Select Operating System:
Select the Operating System the computer will need to run.
Due By:
Enter a date in which you would like the computer completed. Completion times can not be guaranteed. If the return date cannot be met we will contact you with an estimated time of completion.
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Include any additional software that is required for the computer build.