Mailing Lists

There are different mailing lists that are used for different support purposes.

  • This is an open discussion list for all BOLT users and developers. If you have any installation or usage issues, this is the place to ask for help. In order to avoid spam, we request you to subscribe to this list before sending an email.
  • You can also report bugs to the BOLT team by sending emails to this mailing list.

  • This is a discussion list for developers of BOLT. If you work on developing components within BOLT, you can send your questions or comments here. You have to subscribe to this list before being able to send an email to it.

  • This is an announcement list for BOLT releases. The traffic on this list is limited to about one email every 1-2 months. If you wish to receive these announcements, please subscribe to this list. You cannot send any emails to this list; this is only for receiving announcements.