Darshan 2.2.5 release

Darshan version 2.2.5 has been released.  The  highlights of this release include multiple bug fixes and improvements to block size detection.  We would also like to thank Yushu Yao for contributing support for Cray xt-asyncpe 5.12 (and higher) environments.


Darshan 2.2.5

  • Fix bug in mount point identification when –enable-stat-at-open option is not used. In Darshan 2.2.4, some file entries were recorded as using the “/” file system regardless of their location.
  • Update patches and documentation for Cray xt-asyncpe environment 5.12 or higher; contributed by Yushu Yao.
  • Update documentation to no longer recommend –enable-stat-at-open option on any systems
  • Fix unresolved symbols error when linking non-MPI programs with Cray compiler. Reported by Yushu Yao.
  • Use fstat() in place of stat() for detecting file information when –enable-stat-at-open option is used
  • Use statfs() at startup to detect default block size for supported file systems
  • Added –enable-group-readable-logs configure option, which will cause Darshan to to generate log files with the group read permission bit set. This option is useful in conjunction with deployments that set the setgid bit on log directories.