Darshan 2.2.9 release

Darshan 2.2.9 is now available for download on the Darshan web site. This is primarily a maintenance and bug fix release.  It also includes support for versions 2.0 and newer of the Cray Programming Environment. The full change log is listed below:


  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix mnt table overflow if a large number of file systems are mounted, reported by David Shrader.
    • Fix argument parsing for darshan-convert, reported by Mouhamed Gueye.
    • Fix metadata annotation overflow in darshan-convert, reported by Mouhamed Gueye.
    • Fix const-correctness in dynamic library when built against MPI 3.x libraries.
    • Fix “undefined symbol: dlsym” error when using preloaded dynamic library on some platforms, reported by Florin Isaila.
    • Normalize timestamps to always be relative to MPI_Init().
    • Better library name matching in compiler wrappers to handle more MPICH variations on Blue Gene systems.
    • Fixed header dependency problems when using darshan-logutils.h in external programs (Shane Snyder).
  • Enhancements:
    • Add support (both in documentation and in provided module files) for Cray PE 2.x.
    • Honor CC variable to allow darshan-util to be built with other compilers besides gcc.
    • Update documentation to clarify the interaction between rpath and LD_PRELOAD when instrumenting dynamic libraries, issue reported and investigated by Davide Del Vento.
    • Ability to disable shared-file reduction by setting the DARSHAN_DISABLE_SHARED_REDUCTION environment variable.
    • More thorough output from darshan-parser –perf, suggested by Huong Luu.
    • Increased metadata annotation room from 64 bytes to 1KiB in header.
    • CP_F_{FASTEST/SLOWEST}_RANK_TIME counters now take MPI-IO time into account, not just POSIX time, issue reported by Huong Luu.
    • Better handling of systems with many mounted file systems (after which point Darshan will assume file resides on / file system), issue reported and investigated by David Shrader:
    • Track up to 64 rather than 32 mounted file systems at runtime.
    • Increase header space available for storing mount point information in log file from approximately 1 KiB to approximately 3 KiB.
    • Prioritize storing information about non-NFS volumes over NFS volumes if too many file systems are mounted to record them all.
    • Added darshan-util pkgconfig file (Shane Snyder).
    • Added –enable-shared configure option to darshan-util to build and a shared library version of libdarshan-util