Darshan 3.0.0 pre-release

There is a pre-release available for download today for a new experimental version of Darshan! You can download it here.

Darshan 3.0.0 provides much of the same functionality of prior versions, but with the following new enhancements and features:
* hooks for developers to add their own instrumentation module
implementations to capture new I/O characterization data
– these instrumentation modules can be used to instrument new
I/O interfaces or gather system-specific parameters, for instance
* modularized log format allows new module-specific utilities to
access their I/O characterization data independently
– this new format also allows new counters to be added to existing
instrumentation modules without breaking existing utilities
* Darshan logs now contain a mapping of Darshan’s unique record
identifiers to full file names, instead of fix-sized file name
* a new instrumentation module for capturing BG/Q-specific parameters
(BG/Q environment is automatically detected at configure time)
* new darshan-parser and darshan-job-summary output to utilize the
new modularized log format

This version is not intended for use in a production environment, yet, so please just use for testing for now. We have had success in the cross-platform testing we have done so far, but more thorough testing is necessary before we are ready for to officially release the new modularized implementation. Issues can be reported directly to the mailing list or using the new issue tracking feature at the Darshan GitLab page (https://xgitlab.cels.anl.gov/darshan/darshan).

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have!

Relevant docs:
– darshan-runtime installation and usage: darshan-runtime
– darshan-util installation and usage: darshan-util
– docs on new modularized architecture and how to add new instrumentation modules: darshan modularization