New point release available for Darshan 3.0.0

There is a new point release available for the modularized 3.0.0 version of Darshan. This point release contains the following changes:

  • add module-specific version fields to header to allow utilities to handle different versions of a module’s I/O data for backwards compatibility — NOTE: this breaks the log file parsing for logs obtained using Darshan-3.0.0-pre2 & Darshan-3.0.0-pre1
  • bug fix in regression test scripts for setting proper environment variables to use MPI profiling configuration for Fortran apps
  • bug fix in bzip2 log writing implementation in darshan-logutils
  • possible race conditions resolved in each module’s shutdown code
  • general code, comment, and documentation cleanup
  • addition of module-specific counter descriptions printed prior to parsing a modules I/O data in darshan-parser

As a reminder, this is still an experimental release and is not appropriate for production use at the moment, though we are getting close to an official release! We hope you can take the time to try the new version in preparation for the upcoming release, and look forward to any feedback you may have.

Documentation for this version of Darshan can be found HERE, under the Darshan 3.0.0 heading.