New Darshan 3.1.0 release now available

Darshan version 3.1.0 is now available for release! This version contains a number of general enhancements to the code base:

  • addition of a stdio I/O library instrumentation module
    • this handles more in-depth instrumentation of file stream I/O functions like fopen(), fprintf(), fscanf(), etc.
    • this module also captures stats on the standard I/O streams (stdin, stdout, & stderr)
  • addition of a Lustre instrumentation module
    • this module provides Lustre striping details (e.g., stripe width, stripe size, list of OSTs a file is striped over)
  • addition of a new mmap-based logging mechanism that allows Darshan to generate output logs even in cases where applications don’t call MPI_Finalize()
    • Note that these logs are uncompressed and are per-process rather than per-job
  • addition of the darshan-merge utility to darshan-util to allow per-process logs generated by the mmap-based logging mechanism to be converted into Darshan’s traditional compressed per-job log files
  • modification of the POSIX module timestamp counters to also include a LAST_OPEN & FIRST_CLOSE counters to give more details on application I/O intervals

This version has been tested extensively on a number of platforms. As always, please let us know if you have any issues, questions, or comments using either our mailing list or the Darshan GitLab page.

The release tarball can be downloaded HERE.

Documentation for this version of Darshan can be found HERE.