EES - Computational Perspectives

The goal of this Symposium is to advance our understanding of how computational science and engineering can accelerate progress in scalable electrochemical energy storage science and technology.

Motivated by society’s great need for advances in energy-storage technology, and by the demonstrated achievements and tremendous potential for computational science and engineering, a consortium of IBM Research and three U.S. National Laboratories (Argonne, Oak Ridge, and Pacific Northwest) will hold a symposium on 3-4 May 2010 at Argonne National Laboratory to discuss how computational science will advance electrochemical energy storage science and technologies to accelerate innovation, decrease costs, and improve the safety of advanced, scalable electrochemical energy storage concepts and systems “beyond lithium ion”.

Electric vehicles can help us to end our dependence on petroleum imports, and to integrate renewable electricity generation into our transmission grid.  Both of these outcomes have the potential for strong, positive impact on society and each is dependent upon breakthroughs and advances in electrical energy storage systems.


Inspired by the successful 2009 IBM Almaden Institute symposium on “Scalable Energy Storage: Beyond Lithium Ion,” held August 26 – 27, 2009, at IBM’s Almaden Research Center, a consortium of IBM Research and U.S. National Laboratories are holding a series of two symposia in 2010 to bring together scientists and engineers focused on transformation advances in scalable energy storage, with emphasis on (1) computational perspectives, and (2) materials perspectives.