Following is the workshop program:

8:45 am: Welcome and Introduction by Justin Wozniak

9:00 am: Keynote Talk by prof. Ioan Raicu
Talk Title: “The Difference Between Failure and Success is +1” [slides]

10:00 am: Session 1 (Chair: Justin Wozniak)
10:00 am: Antonio Gomes, Regina Braga and Bruno Bastos. “Scientific Workflow Interchanging Through Patterns: Reversals and Lessons Learned” [slides]

10:30 am: Coffee Break

11:00 am: Derek Groen and Simon Portegies Zwart. “From Thread to Transcontinental Computer: Disturbing Lessons in Distributed Supercomputing”
11:30 am: Juan M. Cebrian, Alberto Ros, Ricardo Fernández-Pascual and Manuel E. Acacio. “Early Experiences with Separate Caches for Private and Shared Data” [slides]
12:00 noon: Gary Jackson, Alan Sussman and Pete Keleher. “A Ping Too Far: Real World Network Latency Measurement” [slides]

12:30 pm: Lunch break

02:00 pm: Session 2
02:00 pm: Panel Discussion (Moderator: Justin Wozniak)
Topic: “Theory vs. practice in eScience: gaps and gaping holes”
Participants: Daniel S. Katz [slides], Simon Portegies Zwart, Kyle Chard, Juan M. Cebrián, Gary Jackson


  1. Each panelist presents a 2-3 minute pitch followed by a discussion;
  2. We will distribute some questions for the discussion, including the audience;
  3. Additional questions will be collected from the audience during session 1, and the lunch break over a Google form.

03:00 pm: Discussion and Wrap-up