GoogleEarth Maps

Proposed Field site is outlined in white, located North of APS:

Thes points in the following images show the locations of existing quadrat locations, as determined by Argonne’s site ecologist.  The stop sign at the Kearney/Rock Rd. is used as the start point that all other points are calculated from by drawing lines directly North, then East.  This start point can be adjusted as needed if we want transect lines to begin exactly in line with Kearney Road.

Each point is color coded to represent community type, which is based on water availability and resulting plant species, as follows:

Yellow = Mesic Prairie

Blue     =  Wet Prairie

Green  =  Basin Marsh

Quadrat locations for row J, K, and L are being reassigned by the site ecologist, so I cannot map those rows yet.

The full GoogleEarth file will be uploaded to the forest SVN.