See the link below for the interactive doxygen documentation of the BeagleBone Black Libraries.  A brief description of each library is also below.

BBB Libraries

libBBB – This is the BeagleBone Black driver library that makes the onboard functions easier to use such as UART, I2C, SPI, etc.

libCOMM – A TCP socket communication library that is used for communicating with the cloud and for the telnet protocol for the FLIR.

libFLIR – A library that handles the basic functions of the FLIR A320 IR Camera.

libGPS – GPS library that handles reading in a UART module, parsing the data, and stuff a GPSDATA structure

libLCD – 4-bit LCD interface library that not only handles character and commands, but has a higher level controller that takes care of text wrapping and added screen features like home, clear, carriage return, backspace, and cursor move.

libSTEPPER – This is the c interface to the PRU assembly code that runs the stepper motor controller.  This library handles the entire translation from giving a simple move command all the way to moving the motor.  Position control has never been easier than this!