Nick Bond

Nick is a Junior undergraduate at the University of St. Francis studying Information Technology and Computer Science (also minoring in business management). He has worked on many interesting projects in the past including the generation of 3D models for sustainability projects as well as numerous graphic and web design projects. When he is not in school or doing extra curricular activities he is heavily involved in web and mobile application development.

Accomplishments This Summer:

>> Created a Web Display featuring two display mediums (table and gauge view) of archived ANL weather tower that allowed the user to select an exact data point based on a date and time choice. Link:

>> Contributed to the future modeling of solar irradiance from ANL Weather Tower data and coupled that with a data distribution method (email) that could eventually be utilized to distribute a forecast of solar irradiance or other models to a subscriber list.

>> Created a web application with a supporting publish/subscribe architecture that is able to register, create, and delete streams. While also allowing for subscriptions and data processing.

>> Worked with unique identifiers as a method of registering sensors that would be able to push live sensor data to a PHP page. Link to display: