GSC BoF at ISMB/ECCB 2007 & the Environmental Ontology workshop

The Genomic Standards Consortium held a Birds of a Feather meeting at ISMB/ECCB 2007.

There were three presentations, and a discussion led by Robert Stevens. Presentation slides can be downloaded from the GSC wiki:

Presentation Slides

* Tatiana Tatusov slides

* Dawn Field slides

* Lynette Hirschman slides

We mostly discussed how to achieve wider community involvement. In particular we discussed the fact that a group of us worked quite extensively at ISMB on the development of an ontology for the georeferencing of biological samples and records.

Environmental Ontology workshop

Related to this, the GSC is co-sponsor of an Environmental Ontology (EnvO) workshop to be held on August 29-31 2007 where the ontology obo file (called geo.obo) will be further reviewed. The agenda for the EnvO meeting is available on the GSC wiki and further details will be publishing shortly.

Geo.obo file from Michael Ashburner

Michael Ashburner sent out an email on June 29th 2007 regarding the geo.obo file. A copy of the email and file attachments have been uploaded to the GSC wiki.

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