Vineet K. Sharma joins the Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC)

Further to discussions at the Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference 2008 (APBC2008), Vineet K. Sharma is the newest member of the Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC).

Vineet’s work concerns computational analysis of metagenomic data and novel genome analysis. Vineet’s group sequences metagenomic samples from human and other organism’s metabiomes. Vineet will be involved in the further development of the GSC data standard, GCDML, that includes descriptors for metagenomic samples.

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Genomic Contextual Data Markup Language incorporates the MIGS/MIMS specification and provides an extended data capture and exchange mechanism for integrating a wide range of information relevant to the in depth description of genomes and metagenomes.

Vineet K. Sharma

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