21st Genomic Standards Consortium Meeting

Dates: May 20-23, 2019
GSC board meeting May 20, 2019

GSC 21st 3-day meeting will highlight the nexus of genomic standards and innovative methods in genomics. The meeting in charming Vienna will bring together people from many fields, including microbiology, microbial ecology, bioinformatics, medicine and system biology.

Sequence and function, species interactions, personal genomes/microbiomes, model communities, taxonomy, viruses, symbioses and holobiont genomes, unicellular eukaryotes, large microbial/viral pangenomes, and more …

Registration is Open !!   GSC21 Registration Site

Early registration open through April 1st.
Students $200 USD, Academia $400 USD, Industry $600

Late registration open April 2-19th.


GSC21 Satellite Meetings

May 24, 2019:

Cyanobacteria Nomenclature and Taxonomy Satellite Meeting

Organizers: Phil Hugenholtz, Rochelle Soo

In this satellite meeting we will discuss the current issues of the nomenclature in the Cyanobacteria, propose a phylogenetic framework and try to determine nomenclature rules for populating the structure. The meeting will consist of speakers, a discussion and an annotation jamboree.


May 23-24, 2019:
GOs/GLOMICON satellite meeting
The Global Omics Observatory Network (GLOMICON) – combining Microbial. Essential Ocean Variable (EOV) ontologies.

Organizers: Neil Davies, Pier Luigi Buttigieg, John Deck, Chris Meyer, Ramona Walls

This satellite meeting will take place on afternoon of Thursday (23 May) and through Friday (noon or 5pm) 24 May. The agenda will address future directions of GOs Network and GLOMICON.


GSC21 Local Organizers: Craig Herbold, Thomas Rattei

GSC21  Organizers: Lynn Schriml, Folker Meyer

GSC21 Sponsor: 



May 20th

9am -1 pm : GSC Compliance and Interoperability working group session

1 pm – 5 pm: GSC Board meeting

Evening Keynote: Phil Hugenholtz (University of Queensland) Mining sequence data — GTDB taxonomy

Welcome Reception

May 21st

Lynn Schriml (GSC President, University of Maryland School of Medicine) GSC Standards, GSC Consortium

Pier Buttigieg (MPI-Bremen) Evolving standards for 4D omic observation: The Global Omics Observatory Network and the Microbial Essential Ocean Variable

Morning Session
Towards addressing the reproducibility crisis: Folker Meyer (Argonne National Laboratory) (Session Chair)

  • Carol Goble (Manchester, UK) 
  • Rob Finn (EMBL-EBI) EBI’s use of CWL workflows

Afternoon Workshops/Working Group Sessions

  • Benchmarking
  • Reproducibility
  • GOs : Genomic Observatories

Evening Poster Session

Evening Keynote: Kurt Zatloukal (Medical University of Graz) Biobanking BBMRI-ERIC

May 22nd

Morning Sessions:

Standards and bioinformatics for emerging fields of genomics: Nikos Kyrpides (DOE Joint Genome Institute), Scott Tighe (University of Vermont (Session Chairs)

Metabolomics – Genomics: Claire O’Donovan (EMBL-EBI)(Session Chair)

  • Maria Jesus Martin (EMBL-EBI) UniProt

Afternoon Workshops:

     Virus taxonomy and standards: Simon Roux (DOE Joint Genome Institute)

  • Viral Metagenomics in the clinic
  • Long-reads (viral) metagenomics – Ben Temperton, U Exeter
  • Roundtable: Measures and criteria for the definition of taxonomic ranks (across all domains of life + viruses)

Compliance and Interoperabilty Workshop: Ramona Walls (CyVerse)

Evening Keynote: Michael Wagner (University of Vienna) Sequence and Function

May 23rd

Morning Sessions:

Standards in medical genomics: Christoph Bock (Session Chair) (Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Sequence and Function: Michael Wagner (University of Vienna) (Session Chair)



Venue: Campus of the University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Directions: Public transport: subway lines U6 (Alser Strasse) or U2 (Schottentor) and tram lines 1, 5, 33, 43, 44 (Lange Gasse). Note: campus parking is very limited.

Hotels: There are a number of hotels located in close proximity to the conference venue and are easily reachable by public transport. 

Hotel Regina  The Hotel Regina is holding a limited number of rooms for participants of the GCB until 20th of April 2019. [Reservation Form Hotel Regina 2019]

Hotel Bellevue, Arthotel Ana Katharina Hotel, Strudlhof Hotel, Hotel Mania, Hotel Atlanta, Hotel Boltzmann