Ocean Sampling Day movie now available

The Ocean Sampling Day (OSD) is a simultaneous sampling campaign of the world’s oceans which took place for the first time on the summer solstice -June 21st – this year. From footage shot during the event a movie was produced by Mediomix. The music has been produced by our musical gifted OSD Core Team member Mesude Bicak as part of TuneHouse Studios.

The movie (9:22 minutes) is now available from YouTube:

There is also a teaser (1:30 minutes) including the link to the OSD movie at the end:

OSD is part of the EU 7FP project Micro B3 (Biodiversity, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology).


  • http://www.microb3.eu/osd
  • http://gensc.org/projects/micro-b3/
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