The first four GCat identifiers to appear in print

The first four GCat identifiers to appear in print are now online in PloS Biology in a description of four viral metagenomes:

The Marine Viromes of Four Oceanic Regions
Florent E. Angly, Ben Felts, Mya Breitbart, Peter Salamon, Robert A. Edwards, Craig Carlson, Amy M. Chan, Matthew Haynes, Scott Kelley, Hong Liu, Joseph M. Mahaffy, Jennifer E. Mueller, Jim Nulton, Robert Olson, Rachel Parsons, Steve Rayhawk, Curtis A. Suttle, Forest Rohwer

Synopsis: Metagenomics Offers a Big-Picture View of the Diversity and Distribution of Marine Viruses

Here is the snippet from the paper:

The Genome Projects Database ( accession numbers for the sequences are 17765 (GOM), 17767 (BBC), 17769 (Arctic), and 17771 (SAR); the Genome Catalogue ( accession numbers are 000002_GCAT (GOM), 000003_GCAT (BBC), 000004_GCAT (Arctic), and 000005_GCAT (SAR); and the GOLD database ( GOLDstamps are GM00060 (GOM), GM00061 (BBC), GM00062 (Arctic), and GM00063 (SAR).

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