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Registration is now open for the Scaling to Petascale Institute, which will be held June 26-30, 2017. The petascale institute is a collaboration between multiple institutions. The purpose of the institute is for people who are developing, modifying, and supporting research projects to enhance their knowledge and skills to scale software to petascale and emerging extreme-scale computing systems. Basic familiarity with Linux, programming, and MPI are recommended. The agenda includes introductory and advanced MPI, OpenMP, scaling, profiling, and debugging, GPU programming, OpenACC, Phi programming, scientific libraries, Parallel I/O, HDF5, Globus, and software engineering.
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VASP KNL training webinar

NERSC will host a 45 minute online training session for VASP users to help them get started with the MPI+OpenMP hybrid VASP code on Cori KNL nodes. The event will be at 10:00am, Thursday on 1/19/2017 via a Zoom Webinar.  A NERSC consultant, Zhengji Zhao, will give a talk on how to get started with the hybrid VASP on Cori KNL nodes.