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James Amundson (Fermilab) — HPC accelerator modeling; parallel algorithms; next-generation architectures
Debbie Bard (SLAC) — GPU computing in cosmology; next-generation architectures
Lothar Bauerdick (Fermilab) — Distributed high-throughput computing; LHC; networking; computing models and data analysis
Doug Benjamin (Duke) — End-user support; data access and management
Tanmoy Bhattacharya (LANL) — HPC for Lattice Field Theories and development of data intensive computing paradigms
Richard Brower (Boston) — High performance computing, lattice gauge theory
Matias Carrasco-Kind (NCSA) — Data management (cosmology)
Taylor Childers (Argonne) — LHC simulation codes on HPC platforms; next-generation architectures
Anshu Dubey (Argonne) — Software architecture: design/engineering; HPC/parallel computing; portability on future platforms
V. Daniel Elvira (Fermilab) — HEP software foundation
Hal Finkel (ALCF) — HPC for cosmology; parallel algorithms and I/O; compiler development
Nicholas Frontiere (Chicago/Argonne) — HPC algorithms; GPU acceleration
Gabriele Garzoglio (Fermilab) — Cloud technologies
Oliver Gutsche (Fermilab) — LHC computing
Salman Habib (Argonne) — HPC algorithms, simulations, and systems; data-intensive computing; large-scale data analytics and inverse problems
Mike Hance (LBNL) — Computing challenges for LHC experiments and for future facilities
Katrin Heitmann (Argonne) — HPC for cosmology; nonparametric emulation
Stefan Hoeche (SLAC) — HPC simulations for collider experiments
Burt Holzman (Fermilab) — LHC computing; high-throughput parallel computing
Jim Kowalkowski (Fermilab) — Software frameworks and system architecture; next-generation architectures
Li-Ta Lo (LANL) — Computer science; parallel algorithms
Zarija Lukic (LBNL) — HPC simulations (cosmology); parallel algorithms
Harvey Newman (Caltech) — Computing models, advanced networking, global systems, operations optimization
Cho Ng (SLAC) — Accelerator modeling; HPC algorithms
Gabriel Perdue (Fermilab) — Event generators and software frameworks; next-generation architectures
Gopan Perumpilly (Chicago) — Geant4 simulations; parallel programming
Adrian Pope (ALCF) — HPC (cosmology); next-generation architectures
Esteban Rangel (Northwestern/Argonne) — Computer science; parallel algorithms
Robert Ryne (LBNL) — HPC accelerator modeling; numerical methods and algorithms; software management; verification and validation
Heidi Schellman (Oregon State) — production computing; computing for HEP experiments
Christopher Sewell (LANL) — Computer science; visualization and analysis; multi- and many-core acceleration; portability
Panagiotis Spentzouris (Fermilab) — HPC accelerator modeling; next-generation architectures
Jan Strube (PNNL) — Distributed computing to support linear collider simulations
Jean-Luc Vay (LBNL) — HPC accelerator modeling; numerical methods/algorithms; next-generation architectures
Jean-Roch Vlimant (CERN) — machine learning; data science
Jon Woodring (LANL) — Computer science; parallel and distributed computing; merging cloud/HPC technologies

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