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This is where common software can be found.

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This fellow HEP organization handles software collaboration efforts across the international HEP realm.

HEP Software and Computing Knowledge Base

This is a website that aggregates lots of HEP resource links.


A number of research activities and available resources will be linked to from this page.

art Event-Processing Framework was derived from the CMS software framework. It can be used by experiments to simulation and analyze their data.

Open Science Grid

Other code resources:

Grid/Cloud resources:

DOE ASCR SciDAC Institutes:

  • SDAV: Scalable Data Management, Analysis, and Visualization
  • SUPER: Sustained Performance, Energy, and Resilience
  • QUEST: Quantification of Uncertainty in Extreme Scale Computations
  • FASTMath: Applied mathematics algorithms, tools, and software for HPC applications

DOE HEP SciDAC projects:



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