Call For Papers

5th Workshop on Interfaces and Architectures for Scientific Data Storage (IASDS)

Friday September 27 2013,   held in conjunction with IEEE Cluster 2013 in Indianapolis, IN, USA

High-performance computing simulations and large scientific experiments generate tens of terabytes of data, and these data sizes grow each year. Existing systems for storing, managing, and analyzing data are being pushed to their limits by these applications, and new techniques are necessary to enable efficient data processing for future simulations and experiments.

This workshop will provide a forum for engineers and scientists to present and discuss their most recent work related to the storage, management, and analysis of data for scientific workloads. Emphasis will be placed on forward-looking approaches to tackle the challenges of storage at extreme scale or to provide better abstractions for use in scientific workloads.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • parallel file systems
  • scientific databases
  • active storage
  • scientific I/O middleware
  • extreme scale storage

Acceptable submissions include short papers and work-in-progress reports, as well as full papers.  Accepted submissions will be given some time to develop by participating in the workshop, and the final camera-ready papers will be collected after the workshop takes place.

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Workshop Chairs:

  • Dries Kimpe, Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory (dkimpe at
  • Douglas Thain, Computer Science and Engineering,  University of Notre Dame (dthain at

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