Welcome to IEEE Cluster 2015. The conference takes place in Chicago, Illinois, the third largest city in the United States and a major technological and cultural capital. The conference is held on September 9-11 (Wednesday through Friday) with affiliated workshops and tutorials occurring on September 8 (Tuesday). Cluster 2015 welcomes research papers, workshops, and tutorials on advances in topics related to cluster computing.

The special technical focus of this year’s conference is Exascale Computing.


The conference’s topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Area 1: Applications, Algorithms, and Libraries

  • HPC Applications on Clusters
  • Performance Modeling and Measurement
  • Novel Algorithms on Clusters
  • Hybrid Programming Techniques (MPI+OpenMP, MPI+OpenCL, etc.)
  • Cluster Benchmarks
  • Application-level Libraries on Clusters
  • Effective Use of Clusters in Novel Applications
  • Performance Evaluation Tools

Area 2: Architecture, Networks/Communication, and Management

  • Energy-efficient Cluster Architectures
  • Node and System Architecture
  • Packaging, Power and Cooling
  • GPU/ManyCore and Heterogeneous Clusters
  • Interconnect/memory Architectures
  • Single System Image Clusters
  • Administration and Maintenance Tools

Area 3: Programming and System Software

  • Cluster System Software/Operating Systems
  • Cloud-enabling Cluster Technologies and Virtualization
  • Energy-efficient Middleware
  • Cluster System-level Protocols and APIs
  • Cluster Security
  • Resource and Job Management
  • Programming and Software Development Environment on Clusters
  • Fault Tolerance and High-availability

Area 4: Data, Storage, and Visualization

  • Cluster Architecture for Big Data Storage and Processing
  • Middleware for Big Data Management
  • Cluster-based Cloud Architecture for Big Data
  • File Systems and I/O Libraries
  • Support and Integration of Non-Volatile Memory
  • Visualization Clusters and Tiled Displays
  • Big Data Visualization Tools
  • Programming Models for Big Data Processing
  • Big Data Application Studies on Cluster Architectures



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