Will the Internet of Things and HPC become close friends?

All over the world, IoT (Internet of Things) devices that support edge computing are being deployed in cities, factories, and homes. At first glance, maybe IoT and HPC (High Performance Computing) are opposites, with few shared interests. However, big-data analysis, data-driven simulation and modeling, in-situ data reduction, machine learning, and even parallel programming models might tightly link intelligent IoT devices and HPC.

To explore these links we organise a Birds of Feather Session titled Will the Internet of Things and HPC become close friends?” at ISC’17 in Frankfurt, Germany .

This BoF will bring together several projects in this new domain and discuss these questions:
* How will multicore edge devices be programmed?
* Can machine learning models for HPC be adapted for IoT?
* What novel, low-power hardware might benefit both communities?
* What software technologies from cloud computing will be transferred to IoT and HPC?
* How will IoT sensors and HPC simulations be coupled?

Important information: