PI:  William Scullin, ALCF and CPS

Description: An intrepid group of IIT students, coached by Ioan Raicu, are trying to build and run a cluster that is stable and sufficiently performant to complete benchmarks run over a 48 hour period during SC on the show floor as part of the SC Student Cluster Challenge competition. Full rules and contest details are available at


Currently, the hardware stack for their cluster includes multicore Intel Skylake CPUs, NVidia V100 GPUs, up to 384 GB of RAM per node, and an InfiniBand interconnect, but final details are still being arranged.During the competition, they will be expected to run the following applications:- HPCG – HPL – OpenMC – SeisSolplus a surprise application to be revealed at the start of the competition. In the lead up to the competition, any outside aid is permissible. To enable the students to better gain an understanding of how applications will perform on their cluster, make final hardware selections, and decide where to place development efforts in modifying the known applications, we would like to arrange access to systems in JLSE which may include their competition hardware.

Testbed: The student cluster hardware has already been purchased and is awaiting delivery.