PI:  Rajkumar Kettimuthu, MCS


Objectives: (a) Development and testing of component technologies and their synthesis methods to achieve source-to-sink high-performance 100 Gbps flows that can scale to 1Tbps.  (b) Development of tools with simple interfaces to users and applications that automate these capabilities by profiling the hosts, and network connections. Tubes testbed is being used at the JLSE to test our tools both on LAN as well as on ANL-ORNL ESnet 100 Gbps connection utilizing 20-40 Gbps in the near-term.

Testbed description:  Tubes testbed is an IBM System x3650 M3 with two 4-core Intel Xeon E5530 2.4Ghz CPUs, 48GB of RAM, and 4x10GB Ethernet network adapters connected to ALCF’s core router, allowing for 40GbE of bandwidth to ESNet.