PI:  Ian Foster, CLS

Objective:  Spectra Logic has recently released their BlackPearl object storage manager appliance, into which you can plug archive disk (Arctic Blue) and tape. Globus has been working with Spectra to provide a Globus interface to the BlackPearl, in order to provide a turn-key research data storage solution. Spectra is loaning us equipment that we can put on the high-speed network at Argonne so that we can exercise its capabilities. In addition to stress testing and performance benchmarking, we plan to test some of the Petrel use cases on this BlackPearl, to give us a good comparison. We’re happy to make this available to others as well.

Globus, University of Chicago, NCSA/UIUC.  Tuecke and Rachana Ananthakrishnan will be leading the pilot, with assistance from Globus technical staff.  We’re happy for anybody at Argonne to test this Globus + BlackPearl solution, or just the BlackPearl.  We’re still working out details with Spectra, based in part on what can be done easily by JLSE. At a minimum, its:  BlackPearl, 4U, with 2x 10Gbps ethernet, Arctic Blue disk, 4U, connected to BlackPearl Spectra tape library TBD, based on space and power requirements. Given email discussion, probably 4U, as that is all there is room for.

Testbed: We need a beefy Linux server as a Data Transfer Node (fast cpu, lots of memory, 1 or 2 10Gbps NICs, but does not need local disk), running Globus Connect Server. If you have something we could use for this, that would ideal. Otherwise we have a deskside machine that we recently purchased that we could add NICs to that would be sufficient.

We need space, power, network, and minimal help getting it setup. We can do all of the software installation and configuration, though you are more than welcome to assist if you want.