PIs:  Kevin Harms, Ben Allen and Venkatram Vishwanath

Objective:  We will investigate the viability of using storage class memory technologies, such as Flash, for use in HPC computing as extended memory beyond standard DRAM. The testbed, wally, will have IBM exFlash DIMMs which provide much lower latency than normal Flash PCI devices and will allow prototyping this type of system. The FusionI/O cards will likely provide a PCI-e based testbed to better understand the efficacy of FLASH as an extended memory.

Testbed:  Wally – IBM 3650 M4 with (8) IBM exFlash 400GB DIMMs 3x FusionIO Duo 320GB cards repurposed from Intrepid-home file servers, installed into 3 Intel Westmere servers. Servers originally re-purposed from Tukey.