Official Data Libraries

The data libraries listed here have been produced by the OpenMC development team and are as complete as possible. HDF5 files are created by first processing source ENDF files into ACE files and then using the Python module to convert ACE data into HDF5. The entire process is automated by the IncidentNeutron.from_njoy method which calls NJOY under the hood to produce ACE files.


This library includes incident neutron, incident photon, thermal scattering, and windowed multipole data. All ACE files were produced using NJOY 2016.44. Incident neutron data is available at six temperatures: 250 K, 293.6 K, 600 K, 900 K, 1200 K, and 2500 K. Note that elastic scattering cross sections are also available at 0 K and and can be used for modeling resonance upscattering in heavy nuclides. Thermal scattering data is available at the tabulated temperatures from the source ENDF files. Windowed multipole data can be used to evaluate temperature-dependent cross sections at run-time.

Download: [.tar.xz]