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Accelerating the discovery of alternative fuel sources

In many ways, biofuel research is like modern day alchemy. The transmutation of biomass materials — which includes anything from kitchen and latrine waste to stalky, non-edible plants — into a sustainable and renewable energy source involves catalysts and chemical

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The beginning of a change

After posting a few months back on the exciting STEAM work at RISD, and the push to integrate art into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) curricula, I was eager to attend the “The Art of Science Learning” talk at

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Spotlight on leadership-class computing

I’m pleased to announce that Jim Hack and I will be co-editing a special issue of Computing in Science & Engineering magazine on the topic of leadership computing, to be published in fall 2014. The goal of this issue is

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Thanks, Reddit Users

I had a great time hosting an “Ask Me Anything” subreddit last Monday. I spent over two hours answering questions posted by Reddit users; mostly about the ALCF, how supercomputing is used in research, and where I think computing is

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Extreme-Scale Computing Training Course: Class of 2013!

Today I met with the first class of young scientists and researchers to participate in the Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing. The trainees are now into week two of lectures and hands-on sessions aimed at teaching them how to

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