Clouds and TeraGrid: Small is Useful

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When we think of science we don’t immediately think of quality assurance and yet… scientists have to run their codes somewhere, they need hardware, the hardware needs software, and the software needs to be operated reliably and efficiently – enter the Quality Assurance (QA) team of TeraGrid: the most powerful open science resource. Shava Smallen,… Read more »

Catch-22 for Infrastructure Clouds

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Cloud computing users think on-demand availability is the best thing since sliced bread: it enables elastic computing, outsourcing for applications requiring urgent or interactive response, and reduces wait times in batch queues. But if you are a cloud provider you might not think so… In order to ensure on-demand availability you  need to overprovision: keep… Read more »

Comparisons: Not so Odious as Once Thought

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I often get asked if there is any published work evaluating performance and cost of scientific applications on IaaS clouds and comparing them to using clusters — and I always say LOTS! …and then can’t remember more than a few off the top of my head ;-). So I recently put together a list —… Read more »