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Lasso library obsolete

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With the consolidated release of SIGMA v1.2 announced today, we are officially deprecating and rendering obsolete the usage of the Lasso library, as an explicit dependency in SIGMA. Lasso provided the iRel (ITAPS) implementation that exposes support for relational queries between geometry and mesh entities. Due to a strategic decision to tightly integrate geometry-mesh queries for a varied...

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Building Lasso

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Lasso is now a part of MOAB, use –enable-irel when configuring MOAB. Prerequisites: Lasso requires iMesh and iGeom implementations, so you’ll need to build/install those first. See BuildingMoab and BuildingCGM for instructions on the ANL implementations of those. Because of the way Lasso restores relations between geometry/mesh entities, it may only work with those implementations...

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