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Mesquite with MeshKit

Posted by on Jun 24, 2014 in Meshkit

Building MeshKit with Mesquite

Download version Mesquite 2.99 from Sandia web site  Mesquite Download Page : Current Development Version (from Trilinos/packages/mesquite Mesquite user manual is available at  User Guide Also, in this case, all dependent libraries have to be build statically, including cgm, moab, Lasso and meshkit. (python bindings will not work !)

configure mesquite with a command like this, to build itaps linking libraries:

$ ./configure –prefix=/sandbox/lib/serial/mesquite –with-igeom=/sandbox/lib/serial/cgm/lib/ –with-imesh=/sandbox/lib/serial/moab/lib/ –with-irel=/sandbox/lib/serial/Lasso/lib/ –enable-debug

Then, configure meshkit with mesquite dependency:

./configure –prefix=/sandbox/lib/serial/meshkit –with-igeom=/sandbox/lib/serial/cgm –with-imesh=/sandbox/lib/serial/moab –enable-algs –enable-utils –enable-debug –disable-optimize –with-irel=/sandbox/lib/serial/Lasso –with-camal=/homes/iulian/lib/camal.5.1.0-Linux64 –with-triangle=/homes/iulian/source/triangle –enable-src –with-mesquite=/sandbox/lib/serial/mesquite

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