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March 1st, 2017

Welcome to the “4th Summer of CODES” Workshop! The purpose of the workshop is to bring together developers and users of simulation engines for network, filesystem, parallel discrete event simulations, etc. In the two days of the workshop, focus will be on presenting current and ongoing research at various levels of completeness with different simulators. In particular, several presentations on the CODES, ROSS and TraceR parallel discrete event simulation toolkits will be made with a high degree of interaction between researchers and the CODES/ROSS teams. Additionally, tutorial sessions on basic and advanced use of CODES/TraceR/ROSS will be organized, and interactive “hackathon” sessions will be scheduled.

The workshop will be held on July 17-18 at Argonne National Laboratory, in the Theory of Computing and Sciences (TCS) building, building 240, rooms 1404 and 1405.

Any questions should be directed to workshop organizers: Misbah Mubarak (mmubarak at anl dot gov) and Nikhil Jain (jain6 at llnl dot gov).

Please register here by June 1st, 2018.


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