Lab-Wide Public Event

Co-mingling of public and private events within the TCS Conference Center facilities is prohibited.

A lab-wide public event is an event that typically is hosted by Argonne (non-TCS) personnel and is open to the public (see public event definition in item 1 above). For a public event, gate passes are not required. An example is the Argonne Open House.

Public events not relevant to Argonne or DOE programs will be charged space rental fees.

Unlike a public event:

  • The vehicle gate entrance (see A on map above) into the TCS public parking area will be secured.
  • The pedestrian/vehicle border gates (see B and C on map above) between the public and private parking areas will be open.
  • The entrance doors between the TCS Conference Center and the TCS office areas (revolving and handicap doors) will be unlocked (see E on map above).Like a public event:
  • The main entrance doors for the TCS Conference Center will be unlocked (see E on map above).