Private Events

Co-mingling of public and private events within the TCS Conference Center facilities is prohibited.

Facilities Management and Services – Protection Programs and Systems (FMS-PPS) define a private event as an event for which invitations are issued and/or attendance is restricted (such as a conference, seminar, workshop, or meeting). Attendees including foreign nationals will have access to other laboratory buildings including offices in Building 240 and/or the Argonne Guest House.

Access for foreign nationals must adhere to the guidelines set forth by DOE Order 142.3A. Any foreign national doing business at Argonne National Laboratory, or having access to information, equipment, and/or technology that is not publicly available, must be entered into Argonne’s FAVOR system by the host or designee. Failure to do so may delay the visitor’s access to the TCS building. The host or designee will also enter all required visitor information into the gatepass system. In all cases, hosts are responsible for ensuring that site access requirements are met and for the actions of their visitors.

An Argonne cost code may be required if additional charges for services or equipment are required. The following procedures apply to public events:

  • The vehicle gate entrance (see A on map above) into the TCS public parking area will be secured.
  • The pedestrian/vehicle border gates (see B and C on map above) between the public and private parking areas will be open.
  • The main entrance doors for the TCS Conference Center will be unlocked (see D on map above).
  • The entrance doors between the TCS Conference Center and the TCS office areas (revolving and handicap doors) will be unlocked (see E on map above).